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I started the art of drawing when I was four, after watching a National Geographic documentary about whales,. My parents were so proud of my "art" that ended up showing it to everyone, and really encouraging me to continue observing nature and drawing it.
Some time later I used this skill to take part in drawing competitions. and took first place in some of them. :)

Later on, I graduated in Social Communication and  after that I started a second graduaton. This time I chose Architecture and Urbanism, I'm still attending to University though. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic I had to postpone this course, but as soon as it ends, I'll finish it.

On the other way, I've never stopped drawing, and  evolving my creativity regarding characters in general., I just love creating them, drawing, sculpting and painting them.

Together with drawing and painting classes I also started to learn ZBrush, which ended up becoming my most important object of study troughout last year. I also learned other 3d specialized programs, such as 3DSMax (for rendering) and VRay (since 2001). 

The year of 2020 also brought me another new program to learn:  The Unreal Development Kit, 
I´ve been specializing in character creation, drawing and sculpting since then and I'm loving each and every second of it. I study with passion and focus, this way I can move forward to making my dream of working with characters come true.

All the best.

Be Safe.

Rafael Apache

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